Trying the Example App

Clone the repo and run the included example django project:

git clone git://
cd django-hunger/example
pip install -r requirements.txt
python syncdb
python runserver


The example app utilizes a basic configuration with django-registration for verifying emails. Therefore the list of views in HUNGER_ALWAYS_ALLOW_VIEWS utlizes the registration_* views instead of django.contrib.auth.views for registration.

Note that the email backend being used in the example is the console backend, meaning that all emails are printed to the console.

Once the example project is running, registering an ordinary user will result in the creation of the account + activation through email. After registration, the standard user does not have beta access and will be restricted.

To grant beta access to the created user, simply sign into the admin site at /admin/, click on Invitations, and invite the invitation corresponding to the registered user via the admin actions menu.

Signing in as the original user will result in being able to access protected beta content.