Installation and Basic Configuration

  • Install django-hunger using pip or easy_install.

  • Add hunger to INSTALLED_APPS in settings.py.

  • Add hunger.middleware.BetaMiddleware to MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES.

  • Add url(r'hunger', include('hunger.urls')) to your urlconf.

  • List views that all users may see at any time regardless of beta status in the setting HUNGER_ALWAYS_ALLOW_VIEWS and HUNGER_ALWAYS_ALLOW_MODULES. The views setting accepts views by function name or urlpattern name, while the modules accepts a string module name where all included views are always allowed. Typically, you at least want to let people register, login, and recover password, so include the auth urls:

  • Create template hunger/not_in_beta.html, which is the page a user is redirected to when trying to access protected content when not in the beta.

  • Create template hunger/verified.html, which is the page after the user successfully has joined and verified their in-beta status.

  • Create template hunger/invalid.html, which is the page a user sees when they try to use a code but it is invalid. It could be a code that doesn’t exist or one that has run out of invites.

  • [Optional] Create template hunger/invite_sent.html, which is the page a user sees after sending invites to other people. You don’t need this if you only want to allow admins and staff to send invites.

  • Create the email template hunger/invite_email.[html/txt] and email subject template hunger/invite_email_subject.txt. These templates are rendered like Django templates with a simple context described in hunger/email.py. To ensure the best user experience, you should provide both the html and txt email templates. Example versions of these templates are in example/example/templates/hunger/.

Advanced Configuration

The basic configuration basically involves creating a bunch of static templates for various pre-configured views. For a more advanced configuration, you can let hunger use your own urls, views, and templates using custom redirect settings. All redirect targets must be valid targets for the built-in django.shortcuts.redirect function.

  • HUNGER_REDIRECT for users accessing protected content while not in the beta.
  • HUNGER_VERIFIED_REDIRECT for the page a user sees after successfully joining and verifying in-beta status.
  • HUNGER_INVITE_SENT_REDIRECT for the page a user sees after sending invites to others.
  • HUNGER_EMAIL_TEMPLATES_DIR for a different directory holding the invite email templates.
  • HUNGER_EMAIL_INVITE_FUNCTION for a different function to call when sending email invites. Takes precedence over HUNGER_EMAIL_TEMPLATES_DIR.

Integration with django_templated_email

If django_templated_email is installed, you can use a customized *.email template for beta invites.

And create the following template: