django-hunger Documentation



  • Three ways to get into the beta.

    1. Users self-signup for the beta. An admin can choose to invite them at any time.
    2. An admin can grant in-beta users with a limited number of invites to invite their friends.
    3. An admin can create a limited number public beta code that anybody can use to join the beta. Useful for press releases.
  • Hunger is a post-registration app, meaning the intended behavior is to let users sign up freely, but restrict the rest of the site to beta participants. This makes it easy to integrate with social login and user management apps.

  • Email as the method of choice for communication. Emails are used to send people their invites.

  • Flexible design with many entry points for customization of default behavior.

  • TODO: Tracking and user analytics for the beta phase. Want to know which users are the most excited about your site? Find out by analyzing the invite graph.


To get started, see Quickstart.

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